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How Does an F-16 Electrical Harness or Cockpit Panel Get its Part Number?

Posted by Joseph Rodriguez on August 23, 2022

“H Sixteen D W Twenty-Six Oh Two Dash Two Fourteen” was one of the first things I heard in a meeting when I started working at InterConnect Wiring. Wow! That engineer just rattled that off like it was their first-born child’s name, I thought to myself. I can’t wait to learn what that means and … Continue reading “How Does an F-16 Electrical Harness or Cockpit Panel Get its Part Number?”

Top 5 Ways to Find Incredible Interns

Posted by Clare McGarrey on September 22, 2020

InterConnect Wiring hit the jackpot this summer with a surprisingly large number of Falcon interns, especially during a global pandemic! We hired 18 interns for all types of work at our aircraft electrical wiring and cockpit panel manufacturing company. We had the privilege to help “bulk up” high school and college students’ resumes by hiring … Continue reading “Top 5 Ways to Find Incredible Interns”

Spring Series: What Is A Wiring Harness?

Posted by John Ashour on February 11, 2020

As part of our Spring Blog Series, InterConnect Wiring is highlighting the best blogs that our readers loved the most in the past five years. Say hello to our top blog from 2017: What is a wiring harness? To put it simply, a wiring harness is a group of wires bundled together. A wiring harness … Continue reading “Spring Series: What Is A Wiring Harness?”

What Does Fly By Wire Mean?

Posted by Clare McGarrey on January 14, 2020

Here at InterConnect Wiring, we obviously use wire…. a lot of wire; therefore, when I hear the term “fly by wire” I immediately conclude that InterConnect has more action to take to support FLY BY WIRE aircraft vs NON-FLY BY WIRE aircraft. But does it really mean that?  As a non-engineer (my degrees are in … Continue reading “What Does Fly By Wire Mean?”

What Does It Mean to be a Lockheed Martin Licensee?

Posted by Clare McGarrey on December 17, 2019

  In 2002, Lockheed Martin approached InterConnect about becoming a licensee for F-16 electrical products. Some F-16 electrical products include: (1) electrical wiring harnesses, (2) cockpit panels, (3) relay panels, (4) circuit breaker or power panels, (5) multiplex (mux) panels, and (6) cockpit fairing assemblies. Lockheed wanted InterConnect to support their customers by providing quick … Continue reading “What Does It Mean to be a Lockheed Martin Licensee?”

Does the FAA have an Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) Training Program?

Posted by Clare McGarrey on December 2, 2019

I will cut to the chase… yes, there is an Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) Training Program and it is called FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 120-94. While these guidelines are not mandatory, they are derived from extensive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry experience in determining compliance with the relevant regulations. Maintenance personnel need to … Continue reading “Does the FAA have an Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) Training Program?”

What Is A Supplemental Type Certificate?

Posted by Marc Piloian on July 16, 2019

A supplemental type certificate (STC) in the United States is an FAA approved major modification or repair to an existing type certified aircraft, engine or propeller. The purpose of the STC process is to ensure the modified or repaired item remains airworthy in accordance with the approved standards and requirements of the original type certificate. … Continue reading “What Is A Supplemental Type Certificate?”

What Is A ‘Type’ Certificate?

Posted by Kristin Boyd on March 12, 2019

Those familiar with type certificates may find it interesting to know that the concept of type certificates was introduced by one of the UK’s first “Secretary of State for Air”, Winston Churchill. If this is the first you have heard of type certificates, then read on for more exciting details. So you may ask, what … Continue reading “What Is A ‘Type’ Certificate?”

What Is An Airworthiness Certificate?

Posted by Joe Marler on February 12, 2019

Let’s start off with a quiz. Please answer the following question: Is an Airworthiness Certificate: (A) like a Driver’s License, where it is an official document issued to a person authorized to fly an airplane (B) an official document issued to an aircraft If you answered (A), you would be wrong. Sorry. That’s called a … Continue reading “What Is An Airworthiness Certificate?”

What is Aircraft Registration?

Posted by Michael Janney on January 15, 2019

An aircraft registration is an alpha-numeric string marked prominently on the exterior surface of all civil aircraft. The aircraft registration code must also appear on the aircraft’s Certificate of Registration. Military aircraft use a slightly different version called a “Tail Number”. When we perform an aircraft rewire for a civil fixed or rotary wing aircraft, … Continue reading “What is Aircraft Registration?”

Our License

We are the sole licensee of Lockheed Martin for F-16 electrical products. Through this agreement, we have access to Lockheed Martin’s F-16 engineering data, tooling and configuration control information. We also have a Technical Services agreement with Sikorsky for all of their aircraft. This agreement allows us to obtain their engineering data needed to rewire helicopters that Sikorsky manufactures.



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