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Introduction to Aircraft Wiring Harness Diagrams, Engineering Design, and Disconnects

This eBook is the 8 th in a series developed by InterConnect Wiring. It aims to provide engineering and technical personnel unfamiliar with wiring harness design insight into some of the process steps required to design an Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) for combat aircraft such as the F-15 or F-16 as well as air vehicles like the UH-60.

For many years EWIS design was almost an afterthought. It was pieced together at the last minute after the structural and system designs were completed. Wiring was often installed using a “just make it work” approach. But modern tactical aircraft systems are more and more dependent on the EWIS, and its reliability can be as important as the aircraft structure itself. This eBook presents some important concepts regarding the process for designing a modern, maintainable EWIS.

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    Our License

    We are the sole licensee of Lockheed Martin for F-16 electrical products. Through this agreement, we have access to Lockheed Martin’s F-16 engineering data, tooling and configuration control information. We also have a Technical Services agreement with Sikorsky for all of their aircraft. This agreement allows us to obtain their engineering data needed to rewire helicopters that Sikorsky manufactures.



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