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How Many Empty Contact Cavities Should a Disconnect Have?

400x400_howManyEmptyCavities_2018_Q2Connectors are used on electrical wiring harnesses or panels… and installed in aircraft. Connectors can be round (e.g. D38999 Series), flat (e.g. 16VE0490 Series) or rectangular (e.g. M83733 Series). They’re used to permit connection or disconnection of single or multiple electric circuits to facilitate communication, control, calibration, troubleshooting, replacement of parts and equipment. Connectors have various contact cavity configurations and designs. Solder type connectors come with pre-molded contacts and complete environmental sealing – this type of connector does not have empty cavities. Crimp type connectors come with empty cavities and accept crimp type contacts. To prevent moisture, dirt, etc. from entering the back of the connector (which can result in an electrical problem) all unused cavities should not be left empty. Connector contact cavities should always have filler plugs installed. Additionally, filler contacts (a contact with no wire crimped inside it) can also be installed. Filler contacts can make future installation of added wires easier because the contact is already in the connector, hence, the user doesn’t have to research and locate the correct contact size and part number.

Question: How Many Empty Contacts Cavities Should a Disconnect Have?

Answer: None.

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