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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Backshell Disconnect

400x400_backshell_2018_Q2The process for choosing the correct backshell at an electrical component or disconnect whether it be for the F-16, F-15, F-22, B1-B, Cobra, Huey, or any new aircraft, follow the same basic guidelines.

The key to successful backshell selection begins with identifying the application. To do this, a complete description of the backshell’s intended use is required. The more complex the application, the more detailed the questions become. The following are basic application requirements:

  • Connector type; size and shape
  • Cable or wire bundle diameter, including detailed description of cable make-up
  • Environment of intended use
  • Performance required; strain-relief, water-tight, moisture-resistant, shield termination, working room, repairable, potted or molded, light, medium or heavy duty product performance per MIL-C-85049 or a MS product required
  • Shielding requirements

Using the following information as a guide will help determine the correct backshell for the application.

Environmental: Will be used where harsh environment will be present (e.g. dust, dirt, moisture, fluids, salt, temperature extremes.) Most common military specification cylindrical connectors are designed so that they will be environmentally sealed once the backshell or strain relief is secured.

Non-Environmental: Will be used where no harsh environment will be present. Suitable for an inside the box/climate-controlled room application or where there is a requirement for additional space between the rear of the connector and the strain relief to allow for cable service loops, jumping, filter networks, etc. Size, shape or cable routing restrictions.

Environmental EMI/RFI: Will be used in a harsh environment susceptible to the reception of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). EMIs and RFIs originate from coils, electromagnets, electric motors, transformers, fluorescent lighting, high power radar, broadcast stations and other communications circuits.

Non-Environmental EMI/RFI: Will be used in an area susceptible to the reception of EMI and RFI where no harsh environment will be present.

InterConnect has designed wiring harnesses for various aircraft. If you want to learn more about backshells and aircraft disconnects, refer to this article, “How Should Signal Types Be Separated When Designing Aircraft Disconnects?” For more information about InterConnect designing your aircraft wiring, Contact Us and we will initiate an NDA.

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