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C-130 Conferences: 4 Interesting Facts Learned + Bonus Photos

C-130 Conferences: 4 Interesting Facts Learned + Bonus Photos

The C-130 is a great workhorse cargo airplane, first introduced in 1957. It is not surprising that such a great aircraft warrants two separate major annual conferences. The first conference, the C-130 Hercules Operators Conference (HOC), always hosted by Lockheed Martin, was October 15th – 18th. It was a terrific conference in Atlanta, Georgia close to the Lockheed Martin plant in Marietta, Georgia. In fact, pre-registered participants could attend a private tour of the Lockheed Martin facility. It was a fantastic tour! Thank you, Lockheed!

The second C-130 conference was held in Orlando, Florida, October 21st – 24th. The C-130 Technical Coordination Group (TCG) International Technical Program Review (ITPR) was an exceptional conference hosted by the United States Air Force. InterConnect Wiring proudly displayed at this conference and found it very beneficial.

Here are the four interesting facts learned from these two conferences: (1) There are 70 countries that fly the C-130 across Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and North and South America. (2) A country can buy a C-130J in standard or stretched length. (3) There are many derivatives of the C-130 including the C-130, EC-130, HC-130, KC-130, MC-130, SC-130, and WC-130.  (4) The LM-100J is the civilian version of the C-130 and Lockheed has the first one in production now. Lockheed anticipates many individuals and companies buying this aircraft. And now for the bonus…

You can find terrific photos of the C-130 HOC here: https://lmaeronauticsmarietta.smugmug.com/2018/Hercules-Operators-Conference-2018/n-PC9Qdd.  In fact, if you attended the C-130 HOC, you might find yourself in one of the pictures!  

Finally, if you are one of the many countries that flies the C-130, and are having any electrical wiring harness issues, please contact us at https://www.interconnect-wiring.com/contact-us/.


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