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VLOG: Inspecting a Wiring Harness: Part VI – Harness Braid Stops & Dust Caps


I’m Terri with InterConnect Wiring, where Connections Matter. Today we’re going to be talking about inspecting braid stops and dust caps.


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Inspecting Harness Braid Stops & Dust Caps


When inspecting the braid stops, the first thing we have to do is find where the braid is supposed to stop on the HAD. Here’s the rectangular symbol from the legend, so I know that this is the end of the braid. When we overlay the HAD, I can see that the braid stops flush; it’s perfect in this case. The purpose of the braid is to protect this part of the harness while allowing the connectors some flexibility for installation into the aircraft. 


Finally, we will inspect the dust caps. First we want to check and make sure that it’s the correct size, and second we want to make sure that there’s no foreign object debris (FOD) present. We’ll look at this one. It is the correct size and fits on there snuggly. Also we will want to take it off to make sure no FOD got into the connector during assembly. We’ll put it back on. With those two things good, we know this one passes. 


Thank you for watching. I’m Terri with InterConnect Wiring, where Connections Matter. Be sure to check out our website for more vlogs, blogs and updates. 


Connections Matter.

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