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VLOG – Inspecting a Wiring Harness: Part 4 – Shrinking Reference Designators & Braiding Over Special Convoluted Tubing


Hi, my name is Malich and I’m the Training Manager at InterConnect Wiring, where Connections Matter. Today we’ll be looking at shrinking reference designators as well as braiding over convoluted tubing.


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Shrinking Reference Designators & Braiding Over Special Convoluted Tubing


When looking at braid going over special convoluted tubing, you can see that our HAD here shows a great demonstration of this blue line being the braid and this wavy formation being the convoluted tubing. This lines up with what we have right here. You’d braid over onto the convoluted tubing to hold onto it tightly, and the convoluted tubing would be used in an aircraft where you’d want chafing protection, flexibility, as well as moisture resistance. This all comes together to be braided over and holds it so that way you can protect the wires in the aircraft.


When shrinking a reference designator, there’s a couple of things you want to take note of. You want to make sure that you place it in the correct location. In this case, the triangle denotes the location. You also want to make sure that the words printed on it match the location that you’re shrinking it to.


Here we’ll demonstrate what it looks like to shrink a reference designator. This is just for demonstration purposes only so in this case, the letters do not match. But we would take our heat gun, we would very carefully apply it to one end, and allow the heat to shrink both sides with a small turn. We would keep going along the length until it is completely shrunk.


Thank you for watching. We are InterConnect Wiring, where Connections Matter. Be sure to visit our website for vlogs, blogs and updates.


Connections Matter.

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