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VLOG: Dressing Out A Wiring Harness

Hi, my name is Malich Quijas, Training Manager at InterConnect Wiring – where Connections Matter. Today we’ll be looking at dressing out a harness and what stage this occurs. 


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Dressing Out A Wiring Harness


During the dress out operation, you want to ensure to shrink all tubing. This includes the harness identifier, which goes in the location of a double triangle on the harness assembly drawing, otherwise known as HAD.


You warm your heat gun up, let it sit for about 15 seconds to get it to temperature, and then, very carefully, heat the tubing and let it shrink in the designated place. You want to make sure not to touch the metal nozzle to the ref des (reference designator) or it could damage it. You also want to make sure the heat does not hit the prefabricated braid as it could burn it. Be sure to hit both sides to make sure that the tubing stays in place. And that is how you shrink the tubing for dress out. 


You also want to make sure all the dust caps are on the connectors. The final task is to make sure there is no FOD (Foreign Object Debris) or dirt or debris in any of the areas. You want to do this for the entire harness and that creates the dress out section done in the final stage of production. 


Thank you for watching. We are InterConnect Wiring where Connections Matter. Please be sure to visit our website for future VLOGS and updates. 


Connections Matter 

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