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Falcon Focus – Mike Walker

by: Joseph Rodriguez

We are always learning and growing as a team. How can we not when the world around us is always developing? I got to talk with Mike Walker for this month’s newsletter about learning and growth through hands on experience in different roles. Mike recently moved into the role of InterConnect’s Regional Sales Executive. Through his knowledge in different positions, Mike has learned that everything is interconnected and that Connections Matter!

What is you work history at InterConnect?
I started working at InterConnect with the inventory department. I was the inventory manager and facilities manager for a year. During that time, I learned every day. I learned about the company, what we do, production, and materials. After that year, I transferred to the contract administration / sales department. Again, that was a brand-new learning experience for me. I got to go out and meet people. Fulfilling contracts from bid to shipment was an eye-opening experience. It helped me learn what our customers need. Every day I learned something. In April of 2022 I switched over to my new title and business development.

What is the one, main thing that you learned?
If I had to say one thing that I learned, it would be to listen to understand. Don’t listen to respond. Really listen and connect with your customers and teammates. You have to listen to find out what they need. Really listening is more important than listening while thinking of what your response is going to be. The right kind of listening connects us with our work family, our community, and our customers.

How does your role connect you with customers?
I believe my role definitely connects me to our customers. I’ve been in multiple departments including production and management, so I understand what we need and what we’re doing. I’m able to explain to our customer exactly what it is we need to accomplish both our and their goals.

How does InterConnect connect with the community?
I think the blood drives are incredible and important. It gives our team members an opportunity to reach out and help the community. It is great that InterConnect can be a conduit to our team members. We make it possible for everyone to be connected to the community because they might not necessarily have time or be able to go on their own. It gives us a chance to be to help our neighbors.

What is your favorite thing about working at InterConnect?
My favorite thing is hearing the celebration music at the company wide meeting. That means that a large sale has been made and our team has work to do tomorrow. There are a lot of interconnected parts here and we all work together. If there’s a breakdown in any one of those parts, the operation doesn’t go smoothly. And one of the key parts is keeping the business coming.

Mike attended the University of Texas at Arlington, Tarrant County Community College, and Nolan Catholic High School in Fort Worth. He married his wife Debra in 2015. Mike owns an acting school called The Mad Mike School of Acting. He enjoys music, performance, and cooking.

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