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Joseph Rodriguez

Falcon Focus – Joseph Rodriguez

by: Joseph Rodriguez


For the December edition of the Wonderful World of Wiring, the team wanted me to end the year by introducing myself a little bit more and include how “Connections Matter” in my position. It has been a wonderful half a year at InterConnect and I’m excited for what the future holds.

How does my role connect me with customers?
I have the privilege of being someone who travels for InterConnect. You can often spot me at different conferences throughout the United States. Seeing smiling faces and being able to put a face to InterConnect is something that I do not take lightly. I also work to make marketing material and blogs for InterConnect. Being able to make us look sharp is something that I take pride in.

Why am I proud of InterConnect?
I am proud to work here because of a great company culture and how sharp my co-workers are. This combination allows us to do a lot of things that other companies our size cannot do. We have strong leadership that cares about us, and we know that Connections Matter.

How do you live out “Connections Matter” at work?
I live out Connections Matter by meeting new people and listening to their needs. I can then assess quickly how we can best help. I also get to make InterConnect look good! This team is one that is exciting and fun to work with, so when my work gets to put them in a good light, then I am happy.

How does my role connect me to employees?
I connect with co-workers by doing my best to put InterConnect in a good light. We do quality work, and we are the experts when it comes to wiring and wiring harnesses. Because of this, I want to ensure that whenever InterConnect releases a post, newsletter, or anything at all that it is also of high-quality. I must have a diligent eye and hold our core values close to succeed. If we are not high quality on our website or social media posts, how can our customer expect us to be diligent on their incredibly important product?

Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. Before working with InterConnect Wiring, he was in Sales and Marketing for the non-profit, TOBET. He loves playing softball in his spare time.

Our License

We are the sole licensee of Lockheed Martin for F-16 electrical products. Through this agreement, we have access to Lockheed Martin’s F-16 engineering data, tooling and configuration control information. We also have a Technical Services agreement with Sikorsky for all of their aircraft. This agreement allows us to obtain their engineering data needed to rewire helicopters that Sikorsky manufactures.



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