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Who is DTE and What is Their Specialty?

Posted by Clare McGarrey on June 5, 2017

Defense Technology Equipment Inc. (DTE) is a highly specialized logistic military procurement company based out of the US since 1989. This company is known for providing technical and Aircraft On the Ground (AOG) support. DTE is committed to delivering top-notch service and care in a short period of time. DTE is able to operate under … Continue reading “Who is DTE and What is Their Specialty?”

What is the Difference Between a Circuit Breaker Panel and a Power Panel?

Posted by Jeanie Peel on September 26, 2016

Do you know where your circuit breaker box is located in your home? Did you know that the circuit breaker box in your home is very similar to a circuit breaker panel in an F-15? Both in a home and in an aircraft, a circuit breaker box or panel is a protective device for opening … Continue reading “What is the Difference Between a Circuit Breaker Panel and a Power Panel?”

Our Licenses

We are the sole licensee of Lockheed Martin for F-16 electrical products. Through this agreement, we have access to Lockheed Martin’s F-16 engineering data, tooling and configuration control information. We also have a Technical Services agreement with Sikorsky for all of their aircraft. This agreement allows us to obtain their engineering data needed to rewire helicopters that Sikorsky manufactures.



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