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What is an N-Number?

Posted by Chris Vardy on December 18, 2018

When you look at the tail of a military or commercial airplane or helicopter, you always see a series of letters and/or numbers. Did you know that for civil aviation, those are called N-numbers? So, what is that? To put it simply, an N-number is an alphanumeric string appearing on the side of all American … Continue reading “What is an N-Number?”

C-130 Conferences: 4 Interesting Facts Learned + Bonus Photos

Posted by Clare McGarrey on November 26, 2018

C-130 Conferences: 4 Interesting Facts Learned + Bonus Photos The C-130 is a great workhorse cargo airplane, first introduced in 1957. It is not surprising that such a great aircraft warrants two separate major annual conferences. The first conference, the C-130 Hercules Operators Conference (HOC), always hosted by Lockheed Martin, was October 15th – 18th. … Continue reading “C-130 Conferences: 4 Interesting Facts Learned + Bonus Photos”

What Is SAE-AS50881 and How Does It Relate To Wiring Harness Design?

Posted by John Ashour on April 16, 2018

InterConnect has been in business now for over 25 years.  InterConnect’s birthday was January 12, 1993. Over the years InterConnect has seen many different companies call-out ‘SAE-AS50881’ as the standard for manufacturing wiring harnesses.  When InterConnect’s engineers and planners see this note they get a smile on their faces and chuckle because SAE-AS50881 is not … Continue reading “What Is SAE-AS50881 and How Does It Relate To Wiring Harness Design?”

Our Licenses

We are the sole licensee of Lockheed Martin for F-16 electrical products. Through this agreement, we have access to Lockheed Martin’s F-16 engineering data, tooling and configuration control information. We also have a Technical Services agreement with Sikorsky for all of their aircraft. This agreement allows us to obtain their engineering data needed to rewire helicopters that Sikorsky manufactures.



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