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What is a Wiring Harness?

Posted by John Ashour on Feb 8, 2016 4:17:37 PM

InterConnect is starting a series of blogs to discuss different aspects of aircraft electrical wiring harnesses.  For the next 38 weeks, InterConnect will provide definitions, descriptions, and photos of not only common parts used to manufacture wiring harnesses but also discussions of how to design wiring harnesses as well as lessons learned when designing wiring harnesses.  Today’s blog is “What is a wiring harness?”.


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5 Happy Birthdays to Celebrate in 2016

Posted by Clare McGarrey on Jan 12, 2016 12:00:00 PM

I love being happy and saying “Happy X” to whoever is due a statement like, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Happy Thanksgiving… heck, the only time I don’t say “Happy” for a holiday or celebration, is when I say “Merry” Christmas! Last November I blogged about Top 3 Reasons to be Thankful at Thanksgiving and now that it’s a new year, I want to share with you Happy Birthdays coming up in 2016.


Como Community Center Toy Drive

Posted by Clare McGarrey on Dec 22, 2015 3:17:58 PM

Two of InterConnect's owners, Marc Piloian and Clare McGarrey, welcome Como Community Center kids and volunteers and happily present them toys from InterConnect's annual Christmas Toy Drive. InterConnect has been doing a toy drive for Como Community Center for 4 years. They put boxes in all four buildings for ALL employees to have a chance to donate. Como Community Center is just 2 Miles from InterConnect Wiring, which puts them in InterConnect's immediate community.


InterConnect Wiring 2nd Annual 5K Fun Run

Posted by Candace Evans on Dec 1, 2015 1:14:46 PM


3 Reasons to be Thankful at Thanksgiving

Posted by Clare McGarrey on Nov 16, 2015 5:00:00 PM


Well it’s that time of year again to reflect on the past year and what we are thankful for. I am excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and everything that it holds. Yes, it will mean hosting a huge turkey dinner at my house (thank God my husband is the cook!) but it will also mean going around the table telling the family what you are most thankful for. That is my all-time favorite thing at Thanksgiving – everyone sharing why they are thankful this year. So, since this is on my mind, I thought I would share some of the things that InterConnect Wiring is thankful for.  



InterConnect Wiring Delivers on F-15 Contract with USAF

Posted by Clare McGarrey on Oct 15, 2015 4:21:00 PM

13 OCT 2015 - InterConnect Wiring announced today that it has completed its delivery of seventy-two (72) F-15 Electrical Power Distribution (rewire) Kits to the United States Air Force (USAF). The contract, valued in excess of $50M, was an incredibly successful program for the USAF and for InterConnect Wiring. InterConnect (based in Fort Worth, Texas) and the installation team at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (based in Warner Robins, Georgia) proved to be a great team in supporting the USAF F-15 Warfighter.





Four Benefits of Aerospace OEM Licensee Agreements

Posted by John Ashour on Oct 15, 2015 3:14:45 PM


Large aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Airbus, Sikorsky, Bell Helicopter, BAE, L3, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Pratt and Whitney, General Electric, Augusta Westland, Rolls Royce, Safran, Embraer, Finmeccanica, Bombardier, Thales, Spirit, Zodiac, Rockwell Collins, and Dassault establish license agreements for numerous reasons. For the remainder of this blog these companies will be called the “Prime” since they are the primary company that designs and assembles their products. InterConnect Wiring has two license agreements with the Primes; one is with Lockheed Martin and a second one with Sikorsky Aircraft. Both license agreements are similar in many respects. Both agreements establish InterConnect as the Licensee for electrical products such as wiring harnesses, cockpit panels, relay panels, and circuit breaker panels. Both agreements allow InterConnect to access the respective Prime’s technical data and specifications, configuration control information, and tooling. InterConnect’s License Agreement with Lockheed Martin is for the F-16 fleet worldwide. InterConnect’s License Agreement with Sikorsky is actually called a Technical Support Services Agreement (TSSA) and it is for all Sikorsky aircraft (military and commercial) worldwide. License agreements benefit many companies and governments throughout the world. Four of the primary establishments that benefit are: (1) users who fly the aircraft, (2) the Primes, (3) logistics companies, and (4) the Licensee.


2015 Puzzle Scuttle

Posted by Clare McGarrey on Sep 30, 2015 4:17:00 PM

On Saturday, September 26, InterConnect proudly supported the Child Study Center (CSC) and participated in the 7th Annual Puzzle Scuttle 5K & 1 Mile Family Fun Run as they do every year.  This family friendly event was held at Texas Christian University and included children's entertainment, face painting, music and more! All proceeds from Puzzle Scuttle benefit CSC and ensure quality care for children with developmental disabilities, regardless of their ability to pay. This year the Puzzle Scuttle raised over $12,500!  



To Take a Tour or Not Take a Tour

Posted by Jason Moore on Sep 29, 2015 11:08:00 AM

 How many times have you driven by a place and wondered… I wonder…. What do they do in that building??? I do it all the time. I know everyone is different, but we are human beings and we are all curious. Remember the ancient proverb “Curiosity killed the cat”? Of course we all do. It was used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.


Thirteen reasons why companies are reshoring manufacturing to the United States of America.

Posted by John Ashour on Aug 21, 2015 4:30:36 PM


The purpose of this eBook is to provide background regarding why offshoring was so popular twenty years ago and reasons why companies are deciding to bring manufacturing work back to the United States of America (USA).


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